Doggy Dogg

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What’s up dawgs! Doggy Dogg here, getting his bark on for his peeps.

The dogfather (that’s me) is a Border Collie. I grew up at a dog breeders in Hamilton, where I used to love sneaking into the lounge to watch C4 Music Television.

My favourite type of music is Hip Hop, which I liked so much I decided to become a rapper myself. My farmer bought me hoping I’d make a good working dog for his farm, but I’d rather spend my days listening to my iPawd and practicing my beat barking to be honest.

The farmer doesn’t mind that I’m more of an artist type than a labourer, but the other animals on the farm seem to laugh at me a lot. It could be because they’ve found out my American accent isn’t real, or maybe because they’ve found out my name’s Gerald, not Doggy Dogg.

I hope not though, my credibility as the raddest rapper on the farm will take a bit of a dive if they know I’m just putting on my accent and I’m not actually from the birthplace of Hip Hop, New York. I reckon they’re just jealous.

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