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Who is behind this site?

DairyNZ is an industry body funded by dairy farmers. Our purpose is to help make dairy farming successful. While most of our work is research based and focused behind the farm gate, we have initiatives targeted at groups outside of dairying. We do this to help raise the general understanding of dairy farming, how it is connected to New Zealanders, what part it plays in our economy, and to promote it as an interesting and varied vocational choice.

What is Rosie’s World?

Rosie’s World is a safe, fun site designed to entertain kids and help them learn about dairying. On the site kids can play cool games, watch videos, read Rosie’s blog, learn about Rosie - the dairy industry’s cowbassador, and more.

Does DairyNZ have a website for teachers?

Yes. DairyNZ has a website designed especially for teachers called www.dairynzschools.co.nz.

DairyNZ Schools provides free, curriculum-aligned learning resources to help children learn about dairy farming and to help teachers create fun and interesting lessons that provide effective learning.

Our resources have a dairy context, so children get to find out about our largest export industry while they are learning science, maths, problem solving and a range of other topics.

Teachers using our resource can also visit a dairy farm for a unique and memorable experience, with DairyNZ subsidising the travel cost. For more about out in-school learning resources and farm visit experience, visit www.dairynzschools.co.nz.

Contact us

If you have any questions about Rosie's World, please contact us by email at rosie@rosiesworld.co.nz