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How many cows?


Did you know?

There are over 50,000 people working in awesome dairy jobs across Aotearoa

Want to know some cool facts about New Zealand cows and milk?

Have you seen cows in fields when you're out with your parents? You might even see them walking down the farm race to the shed to be milked. But how many litres of milk do all the dairy cows in Aotearoa produce? Over 21 billion litres of milk a year! Farmtastic!!

Do you know how many dairy cows are in the region you live in? Check out the map below - I bet you'll be surprised!

Did you know?

New Zealand sells $20,000,000,000 worth of milk to countries around the world each year

The North Island has almost three quarters (71%) of dairy herds on it, while the South Island has just over one quarter of all the dairy herds in New Zealand (29%).

If you add together all the numbers on the map, the North Island has 2,839,073 cows on it, that's almost 3 million! The South Island has 2,064,659! That's a lot of cows!

My head is so full of numbers now that I need to put my hooves up and relax - I might just watch a few of my moovies.

Rosies New Zealand Cows Map 2021