Strawberry and white chocolate ice cream


No-churn strawberry and white chocolate ice cream

Making a delicious tub of creamy, homemade ice cream doesn’t come any easier than this! You don’t need an ice cream maker for this recipe – simply combine all the divine ingredients and let the freezer do the rest of the work.


Strawberry And White Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe Image 880X495

Makes: 1 litre

Fruit puree:
2 cups strawberries, chopped (can be fresh or frozen)
¼ cup sugar
Squeeze of lemon juice

Ice cream:
1 cup cream
200g mascarpone
1 tin condensed milk
½ cup white chocolate, chopped small
2 Tbsp crushed freeze-dried strawberries (optional)
2 Tbsp shred coconut (optional)


  1. In a small saucepan, bring the strawberries, sugar and lemon juice to a simmer. Cook until the fruit is well-broken down – about 7-9 minutes. Cool completely.
  2. In a bowl, whip the cream and mascarpone to soft-peak stage.
  3. Slowly pour in the condensed milk and continue to beat until it reaches stiff peaks.
  4. Gently fold in the white chocolate and ½ cup of the fruit puree, being careful not to overmix and thus keeping the ripple effect.
  5. Scrape into a large loaf tin, or similar, and swirl in some more puree for the top.
  6. Sprinkle over crushed freeze-dried berries and coconut if using.
  7. Freeze overnight.

Recipe courtesy of Food to Love